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The WordPress community hold regular events throughout the year; WordCamps which are community-driven conferences and meetups, smaller regular events held by local communities.

WP&UP run events every week, check out our events page for more details.

On this page you will find a selection of talks given at WordCamps globally, covering the topic of wellbeing within our community.  All the talks are courtesy of WordPress.tv, a community project.

Cory Miller

Entrepreneurship and My Mental Health

Dan Maby

WordPress, the Community and Your Mental Health

Leo Gopal

The WordPress Community, Mental Wellness, and You

Laura Nelson

Easing the anxious mind: dealing with anxiety in the workplace

Rich Robinkoff

Take Care of Each Other – How to Contribute to WordPress Without Writing Code

Michele Butcher

Demons in the Closet

Bridget Willard

Backward Compatibility is Good for WordPress, Not Mental Health

Dan Maby

Together we can #PressForward

Ed Finkler

Stronger Than Fear – Mental Health in the Developer Community

Rich Robinkoff

Invest in WordPress by Investing in Yourself: The State of Wellness in the WordPress Community

Eric Kuznacic

Meditate Your Way To Better Mental Health

Corey Maass

Stuck in a Rut – How I Overcame Six Months Without Progress

Neil Gilmour

How I use WordPress to support the mental health of 11,653 children

Aaron Campbell

Succeeding as an Introvert

Christina Varro

Staying Healthy In the Digital Space

Henrietta Greene

Unwind in the office

Eoin Dixon Murphy

How social media is helping destigmatize mental health in Ireland

Nicole Kohler

How to Overcome Your Fears and Start Sharing Your Knowledge

Cory Miller

Managing Your Iceberg

Michele Butcher

Demons in the Closet

Tom Nowell

Handling Anxiety

Jessica Lyschik

Warum Introversion nichts schlimmes ist

Dan Maby


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