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WP&UP Support & Counselling Services

So what is it for you?

Need help with a business issue? Stuck on a technical problem? Looking for inspiration? Lonely? In some kind of emotional pain? Need to get fit? Just want to talk to someone?

Welcome to WP&UP SCS

We are here for you. Our services are based on a triage model where we look to match the best resources for your current needs, in the fastest time, with a goal to improve your welling as soon as possible. We have developed a set of channels each with different features and benefits. Take a look and see which works the best for you.

WP&UP Support & Counselling Overview

  • WP and UP Support

    Community Support

    Fast access to a wide range of help

  • WP and UP Support

    Peer Support

    Ongoing support from a group of likeminded individuals

  • WP and UP Support

    WP&UP Support

    Dedicated help on whatever you need

  • WP and UP Support


    Regular chat on whatever you like

  • WP and UP Support


    Organised steps to your Goals

  • WP and UP Support

    Counseling Education

    Guidance on the types and benefits 

  • WP and UP Support

    Business Health

  • WP and UP Support

    Skills Health

  • WP and UP Support

    Physical Health

  • WP and UP Support

    Mental Health

  • WP and UP Support

    Self-Help Service

Community Support

WP and UP Support

The WordPress Community is a rich and vibrant place with a wealth of experience and knowledge.  We continue to build upon this healthy community by delivering a free to access Slack team.  As a part of our community support, we host 4 Slack channels, supporting the Health Hubs within WP&UP

Each contains community members swapping general chat and sharing experiences. Anyone can post a question, problem or thought. There are some great examples of people reaching out and the community responds.  Community Support is a great place to start because its a fast way to access knowledge on a lot of issues.


Our Slack team is open to all. Follow the link below and enter your email address, you will then receive an invite into the team.


Visit the channels and join the conversation. Once you have access to the team, do be sure to introduce yourself and take a look around at which channels you may find beneficial.

Peer Support

WP and UP Support

Peer support offers a more focused social interaction with a group of likeminded individuals sharing knowledge, experience and practical help with each other. Groups help their members feel more knowledgeable, confident and happy. They are known to help reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness.

  • provides a more focused, personal interaction in a group of up to 6 people, with 1 or 2 members opting to take a level of organisational responsibility
  • groups have a private Slack channel within WP&UP
  • usually organised around fortnightly meetings where each member has a period of time to talk followed by help, support & suggestions from the other members
  • meetings usually conclude with members setting a goal for the next period
  • between meetings members can post into the channel providing ongoing support


If you would like to volunteer as a Peer group organiser, suggest a group, or register to join a group then please email support

WP&UP Support

WP and UP Support

WP&UP Support is operated by members of the WordPress community with backgrounds in design, development, SEO, business, management and more - so we are likely to understand something about what you are experiencing. Our members are trained in Mental Health First Aid.

Support is the place where you can come for 1 to 1 help on:

  • general or specific questions
  • discuss a problem
  • explore ways to move forward
  • explore or register for Companionship or Mentoring
  • learn more about Counselling Education
  • or just talk

Support is totally confidential and we are bound by our Safeguarding Policy. You can access support in the following ways:

Contact the team anonymously


Monitored 7 days a week.

Connect and chat

Live Chat

Monitored 08:00 to 18:00 BST Monday to Friday

Direct support via email


Monitored 7 days a week

Our Phone Numbers:

UK Number:

+44(0)20 3322 1080

US Number:

+1 (415) 338-9110

Our Emails:

For the support team:

[email protected] [this domain]

For information and general contact:

[email protected] [this domain]

Contact Hours

Currently the majority of our team are UK based (US based team coming soon), so phone and live chat are monitored:

08:00 BST to 18:00 BST.  BST to UTC converter





Facebook Group


Communicate openly


Building a community

WP&UP Companionship

WP and UP Support

Companionship offers a regular 1 to 1 interaction with a community member from a similar background. It is the opportunity to talk about anything (and everything) in an open ended, non task oriented way. While Companions have a level of training in identifying signs of key mental health issues such as Depression and Anxiety, this channel is not designed to go into mental health, more a supportive ongoing debate on whatever you want to talk about:

  • business strategy
  • sport
  • learning new skills
  • improving sales
  • what’s happening at the weekend


If you would like to volunteer as a companion or register for companionship please email support

WP&UP Mentorship

WP and UP Support

Mentorship is a form of training and development. It is held on a 1 to 1 basis with a member of the community who has relevant experience and background in what you would like to achieve. The program is designed:

  • to run for an agreed period of time, usually set in your first meeting
  • you will jointly explore the goal and ways it can be achieved
  • you will then set tasks, milestones and dates leading to that goal
  • your meetings will usually start with a review of your tasks before assessing any need for change
  • your meetings will usually end with the setting of new tasks

Mentoring is widely recognised as having a positive effect on both the personal and professional development of the Mentee, and also deliver positive benefits for the Mentor as well


If you would like to volunteer as a Mentor or register as a Mentee please email support

WP&UP Counselling Education

WP and UP Support

This service is currently in development. When live it will offer resources to help community members who are considering therapy. Subjects will include:

  • why therapy and why now?
  • what types of therapy are there?
  • what type of therapy is best for me?

The service will also compile a listing of trusted practitioners in order to broker an introduction if required

Dan Maby