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‪“Emotional interaction is a duet in which we are constantly fine-tuning our volume to match that of our fellow.”

Russ Roberts ‬

Meeting new people can be overwhelming and even daunting. But the more we listen, the easier it is to blend and reach harmonies. Those of us who have been in a choir know that the voice of one shouldn’t be louder than the rest. Unless it’s a solo. But those are rare.

Using another analogy, the relationship dance can be very challenging. Who leads? What are the steps? Who plays the music? What happens when it stops? Done wrong, injury is bound to happen from a bruised toe to a dislocated shoulder.

The point of a relationship is the give and take nature. We say it often and yet, when it comes to our choices, how often do we consider the other person?

We have neighbors, friends, and coworkers. All relationship dynamics affect our mental health. From the parent-child to the and lover relationship, feeling heard is important. To be heard, we have to listen to respond appropriately.

It’s true we have all had bad experiences. When we stop trying to be part of our communities, we suffer. Loneliness and depression get the best of us.

Creating boundaries, respecting ours, and then harmonizing with others is the key to happiness in any relationship. This is the emotional interaction that Russ Roberts is talking about. As we walk in life with one another, we constantly adjust our volume to complement instead of compete.

Today’s Thought

I’m worth listening to. I also love to listen. I want to sing and enjoy harmonies with my friends, coworkers, and family. I can make my voice heard and be heard. I am worthy of love and respect. I believe in giving love and respect.


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Bridget Willard

Bridget Willard is a marketing consultant who brings her teaching and accounting background together to help small businesses. She began her marketing career in construction, then worked in franchise development, nonprofits, and tech. She is especially known for her brand building for Riggins Construction, GiveWP, and the Make WordPress Marketing Team. Bridget co-hosts WPblab with Jason Tucker — a podcast and live YouTube show on the WPwatercooler network.


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