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WordCamp Europe Live interview with Robby McCullough from Beaver Builder – #012

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This is the second of our live WordCamp Europe 2019 interviews.

It’s with Robby McCullough from the popular Beaver Builder Page Builder plugin.

As is the case with all the WordCamp interviews they are are off the cuff, non-scripted discussions in which the conversation flows freely and there’s no specific objective. I really like this format and I hope that you do too.

We get into quite a few topic with Robby; we discuss the purpose of WordCamps for product owners. Are events like this approached with a ‘show up and see’ mentality, or is there a more organised and methodical list of tasks to accomplish whilst in attendance?

We also get into whether or not Page Builders have a future in the era of Gutenberg. Robby addresses the fact that Page Builders and Beaver Builder in particular offer a host of features not currently in (or ever wanted in) the default WordPress editor. In short, Robby is bullish about Page Builders in the future of WordPress.

We chat about the social side of WordPress. How you can make real and meaningful friendships from events like WordCamp.

Finally, we talk about Robby’s decision last year to make travel a real focus of his life. He’s working with a distributed team and so he thought that it would be fun to explore the flexibility that this offered him. He’s been hopping all over the globe for a year and, as you’ll hear, thinks it’s one of the best decisions that he’s ever made. He knows that it’s remarkable that this is possible and that it’s all down to the possibilities that WordPress creates.

I hope that you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed recording it!

Interviewed by Nathan Wrigley.

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Robby McCullough

Robby McCullough

Robby is the co-founder of the Beaver Builder plugin for WordPress. The success of Beaver Builder has allowed…

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