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WordCamp changed my life – #PressPause mini podcast series – #010

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This is just such a great story. It’s all about the transformation that something like WordCamp can have, if you’re willing to attend.

Rich has been working with the web and WordPress for a few years, but he was yet to discover the WordPress community. In fact, he was not even really aware that there was all that much of a community. Then he discovered WordCamps and all that changed.

But, that’s not the story… the story is about the journey to get to the WordCamp and the fact that Rich was not all that sure that he even wanted to go. On the journey down he found himself doubting that WordCamp would be for him. It would be full of people who would know more than him, those same people would not want to talk to him, it would be easier to turn the car right around and just stay at home because that is easier and less of a cause of anxiety.

Somehow though, Rich made it to his first WordCamp and met some people. They were nice people and they got along together. Before Rich knew it the first hour had passed, and then the morning, and then the first day, and nothing bad had occurred.

That evening Rich began to think about a future that he’s never seen for himself, he got lost in thought and literally lost in the city!

From that moment on his life has been transformed. He’s found new friends, new opportunities, a new environment for his work and new future.

This is a story about stepping out of what’s comfortable and doing something new, and ending up at a place that you had no idea existed.

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Richard Flynn

Rich Flynn

Rich has been working with WordPress for a few years having worked previously with other CMS’s including Drupal….

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