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Walking to WordCamp – #PressPause mini podcast series – #013

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Sadly this is the last of our mini-series of podcasts in the run up to WordCamp Europe. In one way that’s really sad… I’ve really enjoyed working with Micah from WPMU Dev. Hopefully in the future we can find other ways to collaborate. Another way to look at it is that the ending of this series means that WordCamp Europe is about to begin, and WordCamps is what this entire project has been about.

We’ve tried to bring you stories from a whole variety of WordPressers. Some of them have been funny, others, thought provoking, but the message has always been the same… attending WordCamps can be a great way to meet new people and reconnect with others. Sure, you could view WordCamp as an event about WordPress, the code, the plugins and the themes, but it’s so much more than that. At its heart WordPress is about people and the interactions that they have. Often those interactions are distributed, carried out in emails or Slack, and WordCamp is a chance for you to meet those people in person, face to face, to get to know them and see the whole of them, as they truly are, in real life.

So today we hear the wonderful story of Marcel Bootsman. It’s not like any other that we’ve featured thus far.

A while ago Marcel decided to walk to WordCamp, which on the face of it seems like a reasonable thing to do. Until you learn that Marcel does not live all that close. He’s not even in the same country! Marcel’s journey is long, very long… 500 miles long.

We hear how he came up with the idea of doing this, of how he’s raising money for DonateWC, a charity that could have been invented for this walk. DonateWC is helping get people to WordCamp, people who might no otherwise be able to attend.

We hear also about how Marcel has been committed to WordPress and WordCamp over the years as well as some of the highlights of his journey so far.

If you’re going to be attending WordCamp Europe in June 2019, make sure to seek out Marcel and head over to his Walk to WordCamp Europe website and donate to show your appreciation!

I hope that you got something useful out of this podcast mini-series. It’s been a great experience bringing the episodes to you.

We hope you enjoy the show, please do subscribe on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. We’re always looking for feedback, if you have any thoughts or comments, please do reach out.

And remember… Together we can #PressForward 

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Marcel Bootsman

Marcel Bootsman

Marcel Bootsman lives in a town near Rotterdam in the Netherlands. He is married to Beatrijs and together we have…

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