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New? Don’t let that stop you – #PressPause mini podcast series – #012

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Today we have a nice story for you. It’s a story about breaking new ground and trusting in people… WordPress people.

Sabrina was getting a little frustrated with the fact that there was nobody in her location who understood her passion for WordPress. She’d heard about a WordPress community, but where she was that didn’t seem too real.

She decided to take some affirmative action and if the community wasn’t going to come to her, she was going to go to it! So she set her sights on a WordCamp as the best way to do this. WordCamp London to be specific.

What makes this story more remarkable though is the fact that Sabrina is from Kiev, and so there was going to be a little bit of a language barrier. So, I guess the best way to cope with that is to show up and hope that not too many people talk to you so that you can acclimatise? Not Sabrina!

She decided that the best way to get started with the WordPress community would be by applying to talk at WordCamp London, which she did and of course, she was accepted.

The story develops from there. New friends were made. People who she never met made remarkable gestures of kindness towards her.

The experience was so great that Sabrina decided to attend more WordCamps and the friendships strengthened and flourished.

It’s a great story about doing something new, attending a WordCamp and seeing what comes of it.

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Sabrina Zeidan

Sabrina Zeidan

Sabrina has been a WordPress Multisite lover since 2013. She helps development teams to build networks of websites using WordPress Multisite…

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