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How Beaver Builder got me into the WordPress community – #025

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On todays podcast I’m going to be talking to Justin Busa, one of the founders of the popular Beaver Builder Page Builder plugin, but before that… a little bit of housekeeping.

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So today is another episode which was recorded live in the halls of the Estrel Hotel in Berlin. This was the location of WordCamp Europe in 2019. You’re going to be hearing some background noise, as I found it nye on impossible to keep 3,000 WordPressers quiet!

Today I talk with Justin Busa. Justin is one of the founders of the Beaver Builder plugin. I’m sure that you’ve heard of it, but if you haven’t it’s a drag and drop interface for building out posts and pages quickly.

I’ve met Justin several times before and so the conversation flowed freely. We talked quite a lot about the plugin, but also about his company, how it’s grown, how it’s moved from an office to a distributed model recently, and how that actually works.

We also chat about Justin’s thoughts on the WordPress community and how he feels he fits into that, and the role that WP and UP is playing to keep that community healthy.

Interviewed by Nathan Wrigley.

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Featured on this podcast:

Justin Busa

Justin Busa

Justin is the co-founder @fastlinemedia. He’s also lead developer @beaverbuilder. When not working enjoys family and good times…

Nathan Wrigley