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Growing my business like it’s my family – #024

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Today we’re going to be talking to Sujay Pawar about how he scaled his plugin and theme business but before that a little bit of houeskeeping…

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Today we hear from Sujay Pawar. He’s a WordPress business owner based in India. You might well have heard of some of his companies products because Brain Storm Force are the folks behind the Astra theme and Schema Pro, Ultimate Addons for Elementor and many more.

We have a wide ranging chat, covering subjects such as how he got started with WordPress and how he managed to grow his company and keep his team happy.

Sujay lives in India and the conversation also covers how businesses in India do things differently from other parts of the world, and it’s really fascinating.

Interviewed by Nathan Wrigley.

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Sujay Pawar

Sujay Pawar

Sujay Pawar is a geek & entrepreneur. He co-founded Brainstorm Force, a theme and plugin business based in…

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