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Being active whilst working with WordPress #006

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Today we look at something that we have not yet tackled – physical health.

WP&UP provides support grouped into four health hubs, mental health, business health, skills health and physical health.

Working with WordPress is a wonderful challenge; but mostly that’s a mental challenge. Many people in our community will spend quite a lot of time sitting in a chair, working on their computer; and it’s all too easy for this to become a habit that is rarely broken.

Michelle Schulp works with WordPress, but places her physical health front and centre. She makes sure that she’s working hard, whilst providing time to get up and move.

She talks to me about why she thinks your physical health and productivity are interconnected and how you might begin your journey towards being more active if you need to.

There’s no right answer to this and we explore the many ways that you can transform a sedentary life into something different. This does not have to mean following the well trodden path of going to the gym multiple times each week; there are many ways that you can improve your physical health, and some of them don’t even require you to leave your desk.

Michelle’s story might resonate with many of you, and her fascination with being active and healthy was something that she learned in later life, she not was always this way.

It’s a great listen for those of you who feel that you might have developed a lifestyle that does not have enough physical movement in it. A testament to how things can change. It’s not root and branch and you can make little steps towards a more active life starting today.

Interviewed by Nathan Wrigley.

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Michelle Schulp

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