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I am the owner of Elegant Marketplace where vendors can show their wares and buyers can purchase digital downloads that help with web design and development, learning and share free resources. With over 220 vendors selling 750+ niche products and 75,000 registered customers, the Marketplace is the largest of its kind in the Divi Theme Eco Sphere.

I am also the owner of layoutscloud.com a go-to resource for Divi theme developers. We provide pre-designed Layouts, sections and modules to Divi theme developers on a monthly subscription. Subscribers to our premium monthly subscription can even save their own layouts to the My Cloud facility – it’s a no brainer. And now layoutsmanager.com Elementor cloud for users of the Elementor page builder. We also have our own theme for Elementor called sanetheme.com along with a great plugin to get more comments and generate links for bloggers – commentluv

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