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Alex is a California native who now lives in Houston, TX with his family. Having worked with WordPress since 2010, he has had the opportunity to work for some of the top WordPress companies in the community such as Pagely, Pantheon, Valet (formerly WP Valet), cPanel, and SkyVerge, where he grew personally and professionally dealing with support, processes, partnerships, and site development.

He currently works at LyntonWeb, a WordPress and Diamond level HuBspot agency partner, as a Project Manager. He is also on the partnerships team at WP&UP where he talks to companies about the mission of supporting & promoting positive mental health within the WordPress community. He’s always had a passion for other people, relationships, and being open about his story dealing with mental health and how he has navigated it.

Alex the Partnership Advocate at WP&UP.

Alex Juchniewicz
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