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It gives us great pleasure to be able to announce a new and exciting challenge; #HeadToWCEU. A team of volunteers will take on the challenge of riding 3,000 km, across six countries, arriving at WordCamp Europe 2020, to raise awareness of positive physical and mental health.

Inspired partly by the journey Marcel Bootsman undertook; walking from his home town to WordCamp Europe in Berlin earlier this year, our CEO, Dan Maby, had the idea to cycle from the #WCEU 2019 venue in Berlin, Germany to WordCamp Europe 2020 in Porto, Portugal – covering over 3,000 km!

This then went on to inspire a new project named; #HeadTo for the WP&UP team. We will share our riders’ physical and mental health development through the build-up and actual journey.

No member of the team is a professional athlete.  This is being undertaken by members of the WordPress community, to help support WP&UP’s mission.

Read more about the whole project on the new #HeadToWCEU website, get to know the riders and subscribe for regular updates on their nutritional and exercise plans.

The #HeadToWCEU project aligns with WP&UP’s mission; to support and promote positive mental health within the WordPress community. Our intention is to raise awareness of positive mental and physical health.

The journey will be documented by the team and you will be able to be part of this yourself.  Every team member will continue their regular day-to-day activities; running their businesses, undertaking work responsibilities, and ensuring their personal lives are balanced.  They will demonstrate that small changes amounting to an overall improvement in physical and mental well-being.

Please help us to get the word out to the community about this project. There are several ways you can get involved; share this post, become a rider, or donate financial support.


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Babs Saul

Since discovering WordPress in 2008, Babs has thrown herself into the amazing WP community and now takes care of content for the WP&UP website. She also helps business owners and organisations make the most of WordPress themselves or with some gentle guidance.


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Babs Saul

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