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Light Reading for the Heavy Heart: Stop To See The Music

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“See deeply enough and you see musically.”

Thomas Carlyle

Don’t we all love music? It moves us. It causes us to remember, to think. The songwriter has this wonderful power to transport us.

We are transported to another place. We travel through time to another era. We have a voice for our feelings. We have a way to grieve, love, hope, and celebrate.

When we are still in the midst of our emotions, we are looking deep within the well of our being. We see. When we see through the surface, we get a bit of clarity.

The surface of our lives is cluttered. It’s cluttered with noise. It’s cluttered with our schedules. It’s so cluttered we only see randomness. That brings us confusion. Confusion brings depression.

Wells that run deep have only a small surface area cluttered by leaves. The surface of a pond reveals the beauty of flowers. That life can distract us from things that really matter: the bottom, not the surface.

What motivates us? What scares us? What makes our heart leap?

In meditation, in silence, in reflection, we think deeply. When we are confronted with situations we have a choice: respond or react. Choosing to respond means choosing to slow down. We choose to think deeply. We want to see deeply.

Pause opens the door to thinking deeply. We see the music of nature around us. Instead of silence, we hear the pitter-patter of the wind pushing branches against our windows. The rain keeps the beat. The hummingbirds add the harmony to the crows outside. See deeply. See the natural rhythms. See the patterns. Then, you see musically.

Today’s Thought

I am part of nature. I am part of the rhythm of life. I choose to pause. I choose to see the  music. I choose to be the music.


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