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Common mental disorders (CMDs) comprise different types of depression and anxiety with symptoms including worry, anxiety, phobias, panic, compulsions, obsessions, sleep problems, forgetfulness, fatigue and irritability.

CMDs range in severity from mild to severe and are often associated with physical and social problems. They can result in physical impairment and problems with social and occupational functioning, and are a significant source of distress to individuals and those around them. The symptoms often remain undiagnosed. If left untreated, CMDs are more likely to lead to long term physical, social and occupational disability and premature mortality.

Although usually less disabling than major psychiatric disorders, their higher prevalence means the cumulative cost of CMDs to society is great. It has been estimated to cause one fifth of days lost from work in Britain. In the United Kingdom, every year mental illness, largely CMD, costs the economy an estimated £70 billion (equivalent to 4.5% of GDP)

The directive of the WP&UP Mental Health Hub is to provide education, resources and support across a range of platforms (web, app, group, one-to-one and referral) to deliver a two part plan firstly promoting recovery then leading to sustainable long term wellbeing for all members of the WordPress community.

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