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Brighton is always a great WordCamp to be at – perfect for the summer (even without sunshine) with its relaxed and calm atmosphere, great vegan food and friendly team organising and volunteering.

A huge thank you to the WordCamp Brighton team who kindly donated a stand for WP&UP, so Dan, Paul and I attended and took the opportunity to launch the #HeadToWCEU project. This is a truly awesome initiative that we’ll be documenting and sharing from now right up to the journey, the finish line, and afterwards. Plus how we can take this idea and apply to other WordCamps we #HeadTo.

Dan was also chosen as a speaker and gave his talk “Dear Impostor Syndrome“, a topic we want to write more on within the website and perhaps with further talks. If this is something you have something to say about, get in touch below or via the contact page.

While it was a quiet event, the feedback to both the above was encouraging and welcome. And if you even looked at that map, I’ll have made a note and we’ll be in touch for you to join in the cycle ride from Berlin to Porto! 😀

The team at WordCamp Brighton deserve a big round of applause.  They reached out to the WP&UP team and offered a complimentary sponsorship package that enabled us to share our message of positive mental health within the WordPress community.  

I also had the great honour of speaking, talking about the important and prevalent subject of impostor syndrome.  

And to top it all off, we announced our amazing #HeadToWCEU project on the first day.   The response from the attendees when we talked about cycling 3,000 km across 6 countries to raise awareness of positive mental and physical health was incredible!  

Thank you to all the organisers, speakers, volunteers, sponsors and attendees for another great WordCamp.

Dan Maby

We look forward to being present at more WordCamps, both throughout the UK and beyond.


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Share WP&UP at WordCamp Brighton 2019


WP and UP

Babs Saul

Since discovering WordPress in 2008, Babs has thrown herself into the amazing WP community and now takes care of content for the WP&UP website. She also helps business owners and organisations make the most of WordPress themselves or with some gentle guidance.


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Babs Saul

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