WP&UP is a registered charity (no. 1179663)

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Providing Mental Health Support within the WordPress Community

Our Mission:

To support & promote positive mental health
within the WordPress community


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We have trained experts that can advise on both mental and physical health.  We also have experienced members happy to talk about business and skill development.


WP and UP

James Rose
Content Snare

Mike Killen
Sell Your Service

Thiago de Carvalho
Deer Designer

WP and UP

"I can honestly say that WP&UP has saved my life in the past year and a half."


WP and UP

"If it wasn't for WP&UP, I'm not sure I'd still be here"


WP and UP

"It reinforced that doing nothing and just gritting my teeth and carrying on shouldn't and couldn't be an option"



WP and UP

WP&UP recognises that members of the WordPress community can potentially manifest mental health issues from a variety of pressures. The WP&UP Health Hubs are designed to provide holistic support for the individual.

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WP and UP

The team behind WP&UP come from a place of experience. We understand the challenges, the extreme highs and extreme lows of running WordPress focused businesses, because we are WordPress business owners ourselves. We understand the potential for isolation, loneliness, anxiety and depression, because we’ve experienced it first hand!

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The WP&UP Health Hubs

Business Health Hub

Business Health

The WP&UP Business Health Hub is to provide the tools and expertise, through the access of a dedicated ‘toolkit’ of best-practice financial, business growth, and the partnership opportunities.

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Physical Health Hub

Physical Health

The WP&UP Physical Health Hub is dedicated to raising awareness, delivering guidance, research and education. The Physical Health Hub also recognises and actively educates community members around the potential for limitations placed on members of the public through web accessibility.

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Skills Health Hub

Skills Health

The WP&UP Skills Health Hub provides training at various levels to support new and existing members of the WordPress community to build new skills and extend their existing knowledge.

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Mental Health Hub

Mental Health

The directive of the WP&UP Mental Health Hub is to provide education, resources and support across a range of platforms (web, app, group, one-to-one and referral) to deliver a two part plan firstly promoting recovery then leading to sustainable long term wellbeing for all members.

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