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Welcome to the first in a series of devotional posts that aim to offer light reading for heavy hearts – uplifting and encouraging words for those time when such might be welcome.

“All of us, together, are the best, because we’re devoted to each other.”

Rick Madrid

Social science touts that humanity has a need to be together — originally for survival. Why are we better together? Jack Johnson seemed to think so. Was he right?

So often we think of teams and belonging. The psychologist Abraham Maslow created a hierarchy of needs, one of which is love and belonging. We study primates and see ourselves in their social order.

And, yet, we often retreat. Sometimes it is physical and sometimes it’s emotional. It may be both with the famed Walden Pond writer, Henry David Thoreau.

We’re not meant to live and work alone. The quote above is from the book “Smarter Faster Better” by Charles Duhigg. He explored what it means to be a team. It’s more than working together. It’s about something higher. Every person matters. Every. Single. One.

The difference of being in a group and a community is devotion to one another — even over the project goal. Most of the time, that also increases the quality of the project. That’s why we’re better together. 

Today’s Thought

I am part of a team. I’m worth devotion from my peers and teammates. I will show devotion to the person standing next to me on this project. I am kind. I have empathy. I am important.


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